Alpha Phi

Delta Chapter | Cornell University

The Cornell University chapter of Alpha Phi was founded in 1889.  Visit our website to learn more about our sisterhood, leadership, philanthropy and events around campus!


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One of the most important aspects of being in a sorority is the strong relationships sisters form with one another. Alpha Phi is a diverse group of women, with each member contributing her own unique perspective and personality. The women in our chapter share a special bond that extends far past our collegiate years. Here at Alpha Phi, sisterhood means being involved, supporting each other, pushing each other towards a higher standard, and maintaining solid relationships that go beyond just simple friendship. Throughout the year, our chapter looks forward to the many events that help foster sisterhood, friendship, and trust. No matter where Alpha Phis go, hand in hand, they always have an incredible time. 


Alpha Phis love spending time together. We value and encourage the cultivation of a true sisterhood, which grows through both formal and casual events. Every semester, our Vice President of Programming and Education and Director of Sisterhood plan exciting and diverse sisterhood events to bring our chapter closer together.  Whether a swimming trip to Buttermilk Falls on a warm Saturday afternoon, a yoga session in the Plantations, a Sunday morning brunch at the Statler Hotel, or an outing to a Spa, our calendar is full of incredible events that we all look forward to starting from Bid Night. Other events include chapter-wide dinners at Ithaca restaurants, day trips to the Syracuse mall, coffee tabs, retreats, and more!

       Bigs & Littles

One of the best parts about becoming an Alpha Phi is having the opportunity to form a bond with another sister that is unlike any other. Big Sisters serve as guiding mentors throughout your Alpha Phi journey. They help you pick the right classes, give great advice, take you out for frozen yogurt, and most importantly, are always there for you, no matter what. 

A Big Sister is usually an older member of the chapter that a new member has met during their new member period and feel a special connection with. Big and Little week is one of Alpha Phi's most anticipated times of the year. The week is completely dedicated to our newest members of Alpha Phi, as they are secretly showered with fun gifts and clues on who their Big Sis is. The week concludes with an exciting "Reveal" where Big Sisters creatively reveal their identity to their new Little Sisters and welcome them to their lineage.


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date functions & socials

If there is anything that Alpha Phis love just as much as each other, it's having fun. Whether it's attending our semesterly Date Parties and Formals, or our annual Crush Party, we love having the chance to dress up, head out to an amazing venue, and enjoy a night full of food and dancing with our sisters and friends. 

Cornell Alpha Phi takes great pride in maintaining strong bonds with others in the Greek Community, so our calendar is always filled with exciting ways to enjoy the weekend with sisters and friends outside of our chapter.  Our weekly social events always have fun and memorable themes, such as Party Animals, Masquerade Ball, Paint War, Mathletes & Athletes, Pajama Party, and much more!